I am Laurel, an artist making  handmade jewelry and metal work in Ithaca, NY.  The majority of pieces I make are finished single-handedly, starting with design through to construction and polish!

Officially I started business in 2010 after earning a Bachelors in Fine Arts, in Metal-Smithing. While earning my degree I learned many of the techniques I use today including my favorites such as hand sawing (or piercing), Forging & hammering, riveting, soldering and forming!

My studio is filled with  a mix of new and old tools, spools of wire, sheets of metal, gemstones and a little bit of creative chaos. My father gave me my first tools including my favorite anvil which he made from an old train rail.  He is also my go-too when I can’t figure out how to fix a torch, belt sander or metal-shear ( just a few recent things….)  Favorite tools are my hammers, many from dad, others I bought new or at yard sales. Each hammer has a unique purpose and leaves a different imprint….I love them all!

Inspiration comes from nature, geometry, the process of making and my everyday surroundings, so really wherever I find it.

Some of the materials used in the studio include sterling silver, copper, brass, gold, 14k gold-fill and a variety of gemstones. I use as many recycled materials as possible including most of my sterling silver and gold. I always use the most environmentally  friendly products I can find for everything from solder flux to studio cleaners. The vast majority of my packaging & shipping supplies are recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. Thanks for your interest and support of handmade!


Laurel O’Brien Jewelry:  Shop

Laurel in Studio-149_3467_20141105_MTP

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