New Year & the Winter Studio

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As the new year starts I take a bit of a rest and a few days to process the past year. I will attempt to tame the chaos in my studio and house (admittedly this chaos reigns semi-regularly…. especially over the Holidays). Now I can sleep, gather misplaced tools and sweep out last years mishaps and debris.  Along the way I process and prioritize and remember just how thankful I am!

I have so much to appreciate this year, first of all you! Whether you are a customer, friend, fellow artist or someone who happened to pass by, you are the community that makes my life as a jeweler & artist possible, so thanks! Tonight I have extreme gratitude for a cozy fire ( 5 degrees outside, brrrrrrrrrrr), hot tea and my little house/studio that I rent from two sweet friends. Soon I will be getting back to the anvil, sketchbook and torch but for now here are some shots of my studio, home and work in progress…… Happy New Year! May 2015 bring you good health, good friends and happy hearts!


2 thoughts on “New Year & the Winter Studio

  1. What stunning surroundings you work in! I love the earrings that you made, and I’s nice to see that your business is thriving. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next. Have a fruitful and creative 2015!

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