Spring Workings (or late winter happenings!)



I appreciate that there is usually a lull in shows, sales & business during the winter. This allows me a bit more time for creative projects, updates and new ideas. I almost missed that opportunity this year, my schedule stayed full with plans, re-ordering and catching up on overdue projects. Last week I felt Spring was here! However we have winter again in Upstate NY! I can’t say I am excited about the snow but I am excited that I finally have some new things to share. I got a few snow filled days to start and complete some long awaited projects….

I am happy to say I finally have some new pieces in my Etsy shop, (and I am trying out a new Shop format). I am Thankful to Olivia Royale who I hired to do some photography on models! Now you can get a better sense of how the big the jewelry is, how it will look on and how it hangs and falls. I also updated the retail locations page to include Mint Velvet Vintage in Corning and Little Button Craft in Rochester (Check them out if you can!). I am working on updating my Craft Show page but hoping to get a few more show acceptances first…keep your fingers crossed for me! Additionally I have been been busy working on some new designs that I will share as soon as they are presentable! Thanks for following along!

Here is the new shop look, still being  worked on…..http://laurelobrien.patternbyetsy.com


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