Flower Shop Pop-Up!

The Ithaca The Flower Shop is tucked away in the the Fall Creek neighborhood of downtown Ithaca. As much as I love the studio I was pretty excited to be offered a pop-up shop by Stacey, the shops owner! Tuesday was sunny outside (a bit of a miracle for Ithaca in february!)  but inside was the real treat. The Ithaca Flower Shop has an amazing collection of plants, flowers, artisan ceramics and other little surprises.

Spending Valentines Day in this flower shop was a fun experience! The shop smelled of flowers and an exquisite stream of beautiful arrangements, stems and plants flowed through. Thanks to everyone who came out and visited me! For those of you in the area who missed it, my jewelry wont be there but I highly suggest a visit if you need a mini vacation from winter….             http://www.ithacaflowershop.com