How to make your jewelry *SHINE*

A few tutorials on polishing jewelry at home

Hello, I hope this finds you healthy and safe. I was trying to think of something that people could do at home that might be useful, informative and hopefully a bit fun/interesting. I often polish things when I am watching a movie or listening to music or podcasts. I really like to have something to occupy my hands and polishing jewelry is easy and useful.

Sometimes jewelry can start to look a bit tarnished, dull or faded. Usually all it needs is a little polish to bring back the shine. Jewelry that has developed a patina can be even nicer then shiny as long as you like the way it looks. Brass can be beautiful and earthy or silver can look antiqued and rustic. If however you want your pieces to sparkle here are a few tips. I have two options, one that uses my polishing kit that I give out with jewelry. The other uses alternate materials you probably have at home such as a green scrubby, dish sponge with scrub side and a toothbrush.

Make sure whatever jewelry you are cleaning is made of solid metal (not plated). Most of my pieces are either solid brass or sterling silver except my gold hoop styles (which are 14k gold-fill or rose gold-fill). If the gold hoops are looking a bit dull you can use the soft yellow cloth in my polishing kit to shine them up. If you don’t have one a very gentle scrub with toothbrush and dish soap should help.

How you store your jewelry when you are not wearing can help too. Air will darken silver, brass and copper so if you can close in a box, baggie or container they will stay bright longer.

I made a couple of video tutorials (my first!) one with my polishing kit and one with a green scrubby but hopefully you will get useful info from all of them. This first video link uses the green scrubby:

These next two videos show how to use my polishing kits:

How to use your polishing kit #1
polishing kit demo #2

Thanks for visiting and hope this was helpful. Grateful for all of you that have supported my biz, followed along and enjoy my work. Wishing good health & all the best.